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Megagrafix was formed because we were once like you — we dealt with the problems that occur when you do not have a great support partner. Megagrafix is provides unparalleled help and support to small and medium size distributors and we currently work with groups all across the country.

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Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our results…everytime.

Megagrafix offers its distributor clients and their customers a total satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind every order that we send out. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Megagrafix products and services, we will, at your request, unconditionally replace the project or furnish you with a complete refund.

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Not finding what you want? Our affiliates program offers display products and custom fabrication from our partners. These are partners we have developed over many years and can attest to the quality and service of these products. If you still don’t find what you are looking for call us: 800-738-6342. We can help!

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Art Requirements

Please review our art requirements and contact us with any questions you may have at 800.738.6342

  • Files must be saved in an editable format and linked. Links must be included and NOT embedded.
  • Provide a laser or PDF for each file. Check the PDF to ensure that is is accurate. A laser or accurate PDF gives us something to check against.
  • When supplying a high resolution PDF, please embed images and create fonts to outlines/paths.
  • Documents MUST BE proportionate to the final size.
  • Crop and file size should be clearly marked.
  • File resolution at FINAL output should be at least 150 dpi. DO NOT resize or res-up low resolution files to a higher resolution.
  • To avoid confusion, please only send files that are needed to produce the job.
  • When page tiling is required, please check text and images to see how they will break.

Learn the easiest way to send us your files.

Acceptable File Formats:

Megagrafix is properly licensed to handle all of the latest versions of graphic software:

  • Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud (2014) - .eps Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended. Occasionally they will have unpredictable results in printing. Photoshop is preferred when using these effects.
  • Adobe PhotoShop Creative Cloud (2014) - .tiff
  • Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud (2014)
  • When submitting files that are not listed above, please send a high resolution PDF.

Font Specifications:

  • Fonts MUST BE converted to outlines. If fonts are not created to outlines, please provide the font with the file. If changes need to be made in the file, please provide the fonts and a version of the file with editable type.
  • All Mac fonts MUST BE converted to outlines.

Color Specifications:

  • All files are printed in CMYK format. Please send files with a CMYK build. If Pantone colors are needed to be matched, please specify. PMS colors are matched* to Solid Coated Swatches.

*Not liable for Color Matching and all artwork; designs and images should be provided in CMYK format. Not responsible for any color shift that occurs in conversions from RGB to CMYK or PMS Pantone colors to CMYK color modes.


  • Bleeds are not required unless noted.
  • Retractable Banner Displays generally require 1/2" to 1" on top for the snap rails and 9-10" at bottom for leader.
  • Pole Banners with 2" pole pockets at top and bottom will have 3.5" additional material. Position artwork 4" from edge for stitching of pole pocket. Larger or smaller pole pockets will adjust the Live Image Area.


Download unbranded brochures, flyers, images and templates. If you cannot find a specific item, please contact your salesperson.