Poster and Print Options

Looking for an affordable and attractive way to advertise your business? Look no further than Megagrafix. We use quality, fade resistant inks and durable media options ensure vivid colors, excellent image quality, and long-lasting display capabilities. Our Posters come in a variety of finishes and thicknesses. We also offer finishing services such as mounting, laminating and framing is available.

  • POS101 - Matte Finish Poster
  • POS102 - Satin Finish Poster
  • POS103 - Gloss Finish Poster
  • Various stocks and thicknesses
  • Mounting, laminating and framing available
  • Ship same day services
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Megagrafix can produce posters that can be written on and erased using our MegaClear Dry Erase Surface. Create posters that can be customized daily.

  • POS104 - MegaClear Dry Erase Poster
  • No ghosting and erases easily
  • Posters can be mounted to rigid substrates
  • Photographic quality, pigmented inks
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Let your message shine through – even in darkness. Stylish light boxes combine with backlit transparencies for rich, vibrant color and bright impressions.

  • POS201 - External Backlit
  • POS202 - Internal Backlit
  • Single or double-sided use
  • Can be configured to either sit on countertop or mount on wall
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Frames are available for any size poster. Various framing types available.

Snap Frames are great for graphic changes without removing from the wall.

  • POS301-B - Black Snap Frame
  • POS301-S - Silver Snap Frame
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Frames flip-open for easy graphic changes
  • Clear plastic lens are included

Top Loading frames are ideal for fast-frequent graphic changes.

  • POS302-B - Black Top Loading Frame
  • POS302-S - Silver Top Loading Frame
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Change graphics by sliding graphics in/out from top
  • Clear plastic lens are included

Perimeter Trim is ideal when there are no graphic changes.

  • POS303 - Perimeter Trim
  • Permanently affixed to edge of poster
  • Used with rigid substrates like foamcore or gatorboard
  • Available in various colors such as black, white, chrome, red, blue, etc
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